Tempur Pillow Collection

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TEMPUR® Transit Lumbar SupportTEMPUR® Transit Lumbar Support
TEMPUR® Transit Lumbar Support
A handy lumbar support for use while travelling or at home. Simply place it between the chair and your back in your preferred sitting position for pressure relieving comfort.
TEMPUR® Universal PillowTEMPUR® Universal Pillow
TEMPUR® Universal Pillow
A mini semi-circular pillow for all-round use when you need extra support and pressure relief for aching joints, backs or necks. It is also available in 35cm or a larger 50cm width.

TEMPUR Cloud Smartcool™ PillowTEMPUR Cloud Smartcool™ Pillow
TEMPUR Cloud Smartcool™ Pillow
Our pillow for ultimate cooling comfort and support. Made with TEMPUR Adapt® Material that relieves pressure and adapts to you. Sleep on extraordinary plushness and experience innovative TEMPUR SmartCool™ Technology woven into the cover that’s cool-to-the-touch and absorbs excess heat to keep you feeling cool and fresh. Available in 2 feels, soft and medium, our TEMPUR Cloud SmartCool™ Pillow is designed to deliver body conforming support.
TEMPUR Ombracio Smartcool™ PillowTEMPUR Ombracio Smartcool™ Pillow
TEMPUR Ombracio Smartcool™ Pillow
The TEMPUR Ombracio SmartCool™ pillow gives you tailored support and cooling comfort. Born from NASA technology, the Ombracio pillow is filled with TEMPUR Adapt® Material micro-cushions designed to precisely adapt to your natural curvature for comforting pressure relief. Working together with our innovative SmartCool™ Technology cool-to-the-touch cover, excess heat is absorbed to keep you feeling cool and fresh from the moment you lie down. Ideal for front sleepers and pillow huggers, Ombracio's distinct four-notch cloverleaf shape works in natural harmony with your body, gently elevating your shoulders for optimum comfort, support and breathability. Find the perfect balance of comfort and support, as you enjoy true, restful sleep.

TEMPUR Original Smartcool™ PillowsTEMPUR Original Smartcool™ Pillows
TEMPUR Original Smartcool™ Pillows
The TEMPUR Original SmartCool™ gives you the ultimate feeling of tailored support and cooling comfort. Born from NASA technology and perfected for sleep, the pillow is made with the TEMPUR® Material inside, with billions of ultra-sensitive cells which precisely adapt to the curvature of your head, neck and shoulders for comforting pressure relief. Our innovative SmartCool™ Technology cover is cool-to-the-touch and absorbs excess heat to keep you feeling cool and fresh, from the moment you lie down. Ideal for back and side sleepers, its iconic signature curved design is uniquely shaped for tailored support exactly where you need it. Available in 3 sizes, find the perfect pillow to fit your individual needs and enjoy true, restful sleep.
TEMPUR® Lumbar SupportTEMPUR® Lumbar Support
TEMPUR® Lumbar Support
This cushion has the anatomical shape, variable height adjustments and supportive properties of TEMPUR® Material to ensure that it fits comfortably to the curve of your spine for optimum support.